We close on Thanksgiving Day and open during Christmas and New Year with normal business hours

3016 Lyndale Ave. South

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Free WiFi | Free Parking:

Parking lot across the street, 3025 Parking lot, or street parking

Delivery Contact:

Call (612)353-4281

Deliver within 5 miles

Min. $20 plus $2.00 delivery charge


Szechuan Spice serves authentic, healthy and creative Chinese cuisine. It integrates traditional bold Szechuan flavor with mild modern style from the other regional cuisines including Hu and Yue. This unique and refreshing concept has become popular with the customers quickly.

Szechuan Spice owns a competitive team led by Chef Xue, who was given 4 star award by Pioneer Press in January, 2008. Mr. Xue received professional cooking training in China for more than 30 years. Mr. Xue pays detailed attention to each step during the food production, starting from food selection, preservation, to processing and cooking. It was due to his devotion of this profession that Mr. Xue was pointed as the Chief Chef serving the Chinese central government officers during their visits to Szechuan.

Below are some highlights from our customer reviews:

  • Authentic, can compete with the restaurants in Szechuan, Mainland China
  • Food is seasoned according to their original flavor with enhancement
  • Food material is very fresh
  • Fast delivery
  • Orders can be made customized, service is great

Small Bites: Szechuan Spice nice addition to neighborhood, by Kathie Jenkins, Pioneer Press Restaurant Critic

Updated: 08/19/2010 12:31:30 PM CDT

Lyn-Lake just got something that was missing from the Minneapolis neighborhood: a good Chinese restaurant. Szechuan Spice opened in the former Zen Restaurant space, and it's a winner. It has a nice vibe, and I wanted to eat everything on the menu.

Aug.19 2010